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Why Kerala?

Kerala, a small state at the southwestern tip of the Indian peninsula, is bordered by the Arabian Sea at the west, and the Western Ghats mountain range at the East. It is 38, in area. The climate is moderate compared to that of other states of India. Kerala presents a combination of diverse geographical areas of high land, midland and low land. The tea plantations of the high ranges, the rubber plantations of the plains, and the coconut groves on the banks of the backwaters with their kaleidoscopic vistas make Kerala an enchanting land. The charm and beauty of the land has positioned it as one of the top ten paradises of the world.

A highly literate and enlightened people with their intellectual pursuits, cultural affinities, political ideologies, economic concepts, and spiritual aspirations give Kerala an elevated place among the states of India. Coconut trees, elephants, spices, Kathakali, houseboats, women wearing set sarees etc. form iconic representations of Kerala, ‘the land of coconuts’ as the name signifies. Kerala cuisine tops the list of the world cuisines, which is in fact another attraction to a foreigner.

Though physiographically small, Kerala is rich with infinite potentials. The greenery of the fertile land, the scenic splendors, the myths of the imaginative mind, religious tolerance among the Hindu, the Muslim, and the Christian, colors of the festivals, architectural structures of the palaces and the temples etc make Kerala unique, and hence is commonly acclaimed as “God’s own country”.

Kerala is noted for her economic stability and has the highest per capita income despite the dearth of Kerala’s produces whether agricultural or industrial. People of Kerala have their own unique customs and manners and maintain a high quality of life. The natural and wild regions make the state a biodiversity hot spot. It is a land of many rivers, lakes, backwaters, and beaches. Fields of administration, education, and health are earmarked by a remarkably high standard. In Art, Kerala is one of the best regions and in Literature, perhaps, the best, with Bengal as the only parallel. Kerala is most advanced in the IT field as well.

A contemplative mind has a lot more to muse over the landscape in poetic abandon.
“Age cannot wither her; nor custom stale her infinite variety”, Shakespeare’s words rightly qualify Kerala in all her attire.

Book on Kerala, published by IISAC

IISAC published an outstanding encyclopedic book on Kerala, Introduction to Kerala Studies, to educate travelers to Kerala. Professors and authors drawing their own experience have contributed 104 chapters in varied subjects. The chapters are clear and thought provoking and they serve as thorough introduction to history, culture, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, politics, language and literature, religions, economics, developmental studies, international studies, tourism, environment, biodiversity, agriculture and ecology of Kerala, a region in South Asia worth for exploration, study and research.

Salient Features

  • A comprehensive reference book ever produced on Kerala.
  • Authoritative and interdisciplinary text covering subjects, such as culture, literature, society, agriculture, sociology, anthropology, religions, natural wealth and host of others.
  • Organized into13 sections in 85 chapters in a student friendly language.
  • Close to 100 prominent authors who are experts in their respective fields with decades of research and teaching experience.
  • Latest statistics on every aspect of human life in Kerala.
  • Relevant topics for curriculum development in Indian and foreign universities
  • A field guide for nature lovers to learn tropical biodiversity.
  • Reliable information on Kerala for root tourism, diaspora studies and specialized studies in a particular field.
  • Special and interesting topics for high school and college going Malayali Diaspora all over the world.
  • Hard bound, 1600pages in two separate volumes encased for easy handling.
  • Highly subsidized pricing to acquire as a treasure for families /libraries.

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